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The development of the Băile Tușnad and surroundings ecoturistical destination is the result of our ongoing activities here at the ACCENT GeoEcological Organization. During the years we have developed the touristic infrastructure (thematic paths, bicycle routes, mineral springs renovation) and also we made nice and useful materials, like the ecotourism map of the region. 

Băile Tușnad and surroundings ecotourism destination is located in the Harghita County and is divided into the following zones:

Zone 1 – Lower Ciuc Basin
Lower Ciuc Basin Natura 2000 site (ROSCI0007) with Sâncrăieni, Sântimbru, Sânsimion and Tușnad communes;

Zone 2 – Băile Tușnad
Falcon Stone Nature Reserve (2.484.) and Băile Tușnad town;

Zone 3 – Lake Saint Anne
Lake Saint Anne (2.486.) and Mohoș Peat Bog (2.487.) Nature Reserves and the Lake Saint Anne – Mohoș Peat Bog Natura 2000 site (ROSCI0248) with Cozmeni commune.

In our current project called „The development of the potential ecoturism destination Băile Tușnad and surroundings” we have managed to create the local partnership needed for the sustainable development of the region. 18 entities from public, private and non-profit sectors form our local partnership: 
  1. Local Government of Băile Tușnad city
  2. Local Government of Tușnad commune 
  3. Local Government of Sânsimion commune
  4. Local Government of Sântimbru commune 
  5. Local Government of Sâncrăieni commune 
  6. Local Government of Cozmeni commune 
  7. Harghita County Gendarmerie Inspectorate
  8. Szent Kristóf Pension, Sylvaniatours Ltd.
  9. Fortuna Hotel, Vicalite Ltd.
  10. Olt Pension, Olt ST Ltd.
  11. Iris Pension, Iris Tourism Ltd.
  12. Lukács Attila, individual enterpriser
  13. Custodian of Saint Anna Lake and Mohos Bog protected areas: Ecos Club Ltd.
  14. Pro Szent Anna Association, Lazaresti
  15. Băile Tușnad Tourism Association
  16. Green Zone Association, Băile Tușnad
  17. Gyöngyvirág Association, Băile Tușnad
  18. Adventure Association, Băile Tușnad
Our aim is to develop good quality ecotourism programmes and to work on the conservation of the natural protected areas from our region. 
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The project is financed by the Green Entrepreneurship 2.0 – Development of Ecotourism Destinations in Romania programme, which is a common programme of the Romanian-American Foundation and the Environmental Partnership Foundation.